From a small biology research center established in 1968 in a three-room apartment in Nice to the world’s sixth largest laboratory, partnering worldwide with veterinarians, farmers and animal owners.

For our beloved cats Virbac offers the 360° solution:

More numerous than dogs in many countries, cats are less medicalized. This is due to their independent nature, making detection of clinical signs such as pain difficult to detect. But it is also due to their sensitivity to odors and stress, which can make a simple visit to the veterinarian a real challenge. Virbac is developing a 360° approach for cats, based on an analysis of their needs and behaviors:

- vaccines and parasiticides;

- bio-markers and detection tests for infectious diseases;

- food supplements, medications, pheromones for behavioral use;

- nutrition, with the HPM range, winner of several awards for perfectly meeting the specific needs of carnivores;

- electronic identification.

For all of these products, particular attention is paid to ease of use, palatability and the duration of action, all prerequisites for good compliance.

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