Veterinarian conditions:

* Cats must be healthy and free from parasites.

* Cats must have a valid EU pet passport.

* Vaccinations against feline panleucopenia, feline calici virus, feline herpes virus and rabies must be done at least 21 day prior the show. The period of validity for the vaccination is marked by the veterinary surgeon in pet passport. If the validity has expired, then the vaccination is considered as the first shot and must be at done at least 21 day prior the show.

* Cats must be micro-chipped (or tattooed with an identifying code).

* Cats must have the tips of their nails cut before arrival at the show hall.

* White cats must have a veterinary certificate stating that they are not deaf.

* If during the veterinary control or during the show the officiating veterinarian discovers that a cat shows symptoms of sickness (for example, viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitical), the cat in question, together with all cats belonging to the same exhibitor, will be denied admission to the show hall resp. must be removed immediately from the show hall.