EcoPetBox – a new way of thinking for pets, their owners and for our nature. Our mission is to use recycled materials to create products for the pet industry that would be plastic and chemical free and ultimately contribute to cleaner environment.

Kasside Ilusalong
  • the HUGE assortment of Sturdi products
  • various brands of professional grooming cosmetics and tools from Anju Beauté; PetSilk; #1-All Systems; Eye Envy; Groomer’s Goop; Chris Christensen
  • different high-class acessories for cats: CATNIP; Yeowww!; Katzen-deko and many more...



At the show, you can get acquainted with the world of animal health together with Virbac. You will be able to consult about nutrition, supplements and parasite prevention. There will be offered the wide range of food, care products and other goods. Virbac – focusing on animal health, from the beginning.


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3coty® is NATURAL and COMPLETE wet food for all cats, based on a MEAT ONLY diet, suitable for all cats including those with allergies, diabetes or other sensitivities. Developed by breeders, it supports a healthy lifestyle for all cats and their owners.

3coty® is natural cat food. If your cat does not need it, it's not in our food.

Brit Care


Brit Care super premium pet food has been developed to protect the body against negative environmental influences. It starts with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, to produce balanced, hypoallergenic, and grain-free recipes that prevent food intolerances and are easy to digest. Brit Care dry food for cats is made from fresh meat for the best tastiness, contains probiotics and prebiotics to help support immunity, contains fruits, herbs and berries for best condition and protection against diseases of civilization.


Vendor Spark Art


Spark Art creates the wood burning art and pictures on wood. All works are hand-made, and are created individually on different shapes of the wooden boards. Boards are made of Latvian precious wood - ash and oak, for the wood burning the pyrograph / incinerator is used. The created picture is also painted, to make the unique interior decorations. The most popular are the wooden discs, which are obtained in an "environmentally friendly" way - only felled or wind-broken trees are used for production.

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 "Potheads" are interior decorations created in Latvia. Design as well as "Potheads" themselves are created by artists Fricis Kalvelis and Evita Bambāne using the own designed  and 3D printed shapes and different materials. Every "Pothead" is unique, as it is handled and cast by hand, experimenting with different color mixes.

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