People generate a tremendous amount of wastepaper globally. Even a small country like Estonia, the birthplace of EcoPetBox, generates over 90 thousand tons of wastepaper annually. This huge amount can cover a football field with a layer more than ten meters thick. Giving new life to this otherwise useless material is our passion and our goal for the sake of cleaner environment.

EcoPetBox litter box is made from 100% biodegradable recycled paper which is both environmentally friendly and good for your beloved pet.

Undoubtedly, pets bring a lot of joy and happiness to their owners but taking care of them can be a time-consuming task. Whereas we proudly present ourselves as an ecofriendly company we are even prouder that our products offer convenience. With biodegradable disposable litter trays there is no need to spend precious time on washing the mess – what could be better than saving minutes of valuable time. Let's face it, cleaning the litter tray can be a nasty and smelly task!

As a bonus, we are also saving the planet's water and stopping any chemicals from leaking into our estuaries.

EcoPetBox trays are light-weight and compact which makes them perfect for carrying along for trips and the user can just dispose them after use without the need to carry them back home.

EcoPetBox is perfect for animal hotels, clinics and animal shelters. Using a disposable pet box and food/drink bowl in veterinary clinics will help prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria and viruses whilst saving cost as well.

We have other great nature-friendly products in our range. Our bio litter, for instance, is made of wood and hay which is a perfect combination of liquid absorption and smell eliminating properties. EcoPetBox's bio litter is another great example of how using left-over products is sustainably wise and environmentally healthy. EcoPetBox's food and drink bowl has also proven to be a hit, our customers love that they can change their pet's food bowl in an instant whilst at home or traveling.

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